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Jumping Red Squirrels

              Jumping Red Squirrels masterclass workshop

                             Dates to suit you March to Nov 

This workshop is for those that want manily jumping images 

but you can also get the Reds nicely posed

£140 1-2-1 (please read T&C below)  

£60 deposit at point of booking.

The workshop will run from 08.45am 

A 3.5hr session will see you back at the main car park  by 12.30

You will need a tripod and a shutter release.  

Workshops will start 08.45 at the main Argaty Red kite centre car park 

we will leave your car at the main car park and head to a small parking area in my car, 

A 15 min walk across 2 fields then a short walk through the woods.  

The jumping hide offers an opportunity to photograph red squirrels at their acrobatic best as they leap between our specially designed raised perches searching for food. As well as the main viewing window there is a floor level hatch and a side hatch with an eye level perch right beside the hide, giving the chance for intimate portraits of squirrels and woodland birds.

There is plenty of space for you to sit with the main hide window open infront and one to your left

You will have a nice comfortable chair to sit on, I will sit behind you and give you all the camera settings needed for this 1-2-1 class, 

It is very important that we do not move about too much as not to disturb other wildlife which may visit the feeders.

I will place the Squirrels food in one or two location for them to jump too.

Camera tution.

            We will cover the right settings for your workshop.


         Red Squirrels jumping 1-2-1 combo with Red Kites in Flight

                        Red Kites 1-2-1 masterclass workshops

      You can combined these two workshops together in one day 

£260 Combo workshops

Will start 08.45 at the main Argaty Red kite centre car park

£120 deposit at point of booking (please read T&C below)

£140 balance can be paid by cash on arrival or two days before your workshop date via bank.

Combo 1-2-1 should be finished by 15.30 once the feed has been taken by the Kites and other birds like Buzzards You will have the full use of a purpose built 3 man hide to yourself along with an outdoor photo platform if you wish to take them flight shots outside.

T&C for this workshop Deposits are non-refunable if you cancel You can re-book your workshop before 72 hours with no loss of deposite

Bad weather re-booking, I will contact you 48 hours before your workshop date,

if the weather is forcasted to be very bad. This means very high winds and heavy rain, this does not cover low light cloudy grey days or light rains as the wildlfie will still feed.

Please bring good walking boots wellington boots are best and warm clothing in winter you can bring pack lunch and a hot drink.

For all bookings please contact Dean 

Email : deanbricknell@btinternet.com

TEL : 01506654575   



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