Tawny owl  (Strix aluco)


Group workshop

Min 4

Max 6

for larger groups please content Dean via email 

Price £75 pp 

All Despite £25  non-refundable

Dates to suit 

Dates can be arranged 


West Lothian Scotland Scottish Owl center 


10am to 3pm 

your workshop will start at 10am. 

The first hour or so is hands on camera settings. 

We will cover the basic settings for the days photoshoot to complete settings and camera setup for those new in photography 

Know your camera 

Dslr or Mirrorless 

White balance, shutter, aperture, DOF, Focusing, Metering and light

We will have 4 Owls to work with from a list shown in the images small to large owls.

The Camera setup and main workshop point will be within the Owl center 

The photography of the Owls will be taken within a woodland area, 

Please note Owl requests is fine we like you to pick your Owls,  we only use Owls that are in good condition and healthy willing to work and handled on the day but like humans Owls can have a of day and our handler will know what birds to use, we never work with any of the owls if they don't want to the welfare of the birds will always come first. 

If we have to cancel your booked date due to bad weather then we can look at an alternative date this also applies to covid restrictions            




your choice  dslr, mirrorless even a fixed lens bridge camera  


A polarizing filter will help on sunny days 


70-200mm with a TC / 100-400mm or 300mm 

tripod if you wish or monopod but 90% of the time you will be hand holding you camera



walking boots or wellies 

something to lay on ground to seat on or lay on to get low images this can be a black bag 

You can bring snacks and a hot drink  

notepad and pen.  

ALL DEPOSITS are non-refundable and full payment must be made two weeks before workshop or full payment can be made at point of booking,

to book please Email me at deanbricknell@btinternet.com Tel: 07984073264     


Birds may change each day

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